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    Featured Incident Response Threat Hunting

    The Misconceptions of 2021's Black Swan Cyber Events

    Organizations can defend themselves from future unknows attacks by implementing targeted security hardening measures, turning on built-in security protections, and leveraging existing technology stack to achieve microsegmentation and credential hygiene Read More
    Featured Incident Response Threat Hunting

    Hybrid Phishing Attack Vector – Complementing Phishing Campaigns with Wide Infrastructure Exploitations

    Cyber-crime groups are targeting Java-based infrastructures that are susceptible to the Log4Shell vulnerability, and are leveraging the high integrity of the compromised infrastructure to deliver Qakbot phishing emails. Read More
    Featured Incident Response Threat Hunting

    Breaking Down the Casbaneiro Infection Chain

    The Casbaneiro banking trojan targets financial organizations to steal user data for financial gain. Get a detailed “attacker fingerprint”. Read More
    Incident Response Threat Research Blog Post

    7 Cyber Attacks That Kept the Industry Talking in 2021

    A journey back through 2021 - What we’ve learned from 5 major cyber attacks that took place in 2021 as well as 2 new threat actors identified by Sygnia. Read More
    Adversary Security Blog Post

    It's a Threat Actor's Paradise: Getting Ahead of Attackers in 2022

    Achieving cyber resilience in the hostile attack terrain comes down to an organization’s ability to flip the asymmetry between them and the threat actors. Read More
    Featured Incident Response Threat Hunting

    End-to-End LOG4SHELL Hunting Strategy

    Defenders, hunt for Log4Shell exploitation attempts, distinguish between failed and successful attempts and identify post-exploitation activities. Read More
    Incident Response Threat Hunting

    Recent Waves of Phishing Attacks Overpowering 2-factor Authentication

    Phishing attacks are still a leading attack vector for threat actors globally, & are evolving in prevalence & sophistication given work-from-home models Read More